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[tw: group rape - explicit]

Rather than being a homoerotic experience, the [group] rape may be experienced by participants as a dramatic contest in which one’s peers evaluate one’s sexual, or masculine, prowess. Journalist Nathan McCall (1994), in a candid first-person account of “running trains” as a teenage boy, recalls feeling a mixture of fear, guilt, and performance anxiety:

'All the fellas were there and everybody was anxious to show everybody else how cool and worldly he was. … I wasn’t about to let it be said that I was scared of pussy. I took a deep breath and tried to relax and free my mind. I knew I couldn’t get an erection if I wasn’t relaxed. That would be even more embarrassing. I didn’t want to pull my meat out unless I had an erection. It would look small. Somebody might see it, shriveled up and tiny, and start laughing. … I placed myself into her wetness and moved my body, pretending to grind hard. After a few miserable minutes, I got up and signaled for the next man to take his turn. … Somebody whispered, “That shit is good, ain’t it?” I said, “Yeah, man. That shit is good.”. … I felt sorry for Vanessa. … I think some of the other guys felt sorry, too. But the guilt was short-lived. It was eclipsed in no time by the victory celebration. … We burst into cheers and slapped five with each other like we’d played on the winning baseball team. (pp. 48-49)'

For McCall (1994) and his crew, the train was not about sexual gratification but about homosocial bonding. “Even though it involved sex, it didn’t seem to be about sex at all. … [It] marked our real coming together as a gang. It certified us as a group of hanging partners who would do anything and everything together” (p. 49).

The absence of eroticism is even more apparent in the Mepham case. Although the victims were anally raped with objects, and many of the dramatic scenes that the victims were forced to perform featured simulated homosexual acts, there is no hint of sexual arousal or gratification. Rather, anal rape and other simulated sexual acts were used to emasculate and degrade. This is not uncommon. O’Sullivan (1998) reports on two sexual assaults by groups of athletes on weaker teammates, as well as several cases of wrestlers sexually assaulting defeated opponents as part of post-match victory celebrations. In addition, she reports an incident in which a group of fraternity men sodomized a gay man who had walked by their house holding hands with another man, thus punishing him for violating cultural norms against visible displays of homosexuality.

Thus, both group rapes and antigay violence are not only public demonstrations of masculine dominance, they are celebratory dramas. Typically, the atmosphere is one of recreation and fun. The group is reveling in its shared power. This can be true whether the men hail from the social elite, as in the case of fraternity brothers, or from less privileged backgrounds, as in McCall’s previously described account.

” —

Enacting Masculinity: Antigay Violence and Group Rape as Participatory Theater, Karen Franklin

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a headline from my perfect world

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100 day song challenge

03 A song that makes you cry
Adam's Song - Blink 182

I never thought I'd die alone
I laughed the loudest, who'd have known?
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this was me at the buffet the other week

they said there’d be burritos but there weRE NONE

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excuse me miss dionne. 

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Women against feminism are basically just arguing that their individual lives are fine and they don’t care about what other women go through.

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imagine gordon ramsay playing flappy bird

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stop using “it’s just my opinion” to justify your bigotry.

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Female firefighters during a training exercise at the Pearl Harbor shipyard, Hawaii, 1941-46 -

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If women have done 1% of the monstrosities of men, men will make sure everyone knows about it. “people” do this, “people” do that, “it’s not just men!”
But if women do 99% of the great things that men do, men will make sure no one knows about it. They cut women’s history, they claim “men built everything you see” and if you mention the women involved you’re suddenly taking away from men’s achievements.

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I reblog this every time I see it. I just cant

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